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BASF registers two new herbicides

BASF has begun the registration process in the EU and Australia for two new herbicides that it says have demonstrated excellent performance against a broad range of difficult-to- control grasses and broadleaf weeds. 

Luximo, which is being registered in the EU and Australia, has an active ingredient that provides pre-emergence, residual control against a broad range of grasses, including blackgrass and ryegrass in winter cereals. The molecule boasts a novel mode of action (MoA) to control grasses that have developed resistance. 

Tirexor is a new protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) inhibitor herbicide that controls PPO-resistant weeds including pigweed and ragweed species. The herbicide is fast acting, with foliar effects that can occur in as little as one day. Tirexor’s anticipated global use includes application on small grain cereals, corn, soyabeans, pulse crops, oil palm and numerous tree fruit and nut crops. It is the first new MoA for the foliar burndown of grass weeds in 20 years. 

Pending regulatory approval, BASF expects first market introduction of Luximo-based product formulations as early as 2020 in Australia and 2021 in the UK. Also pending regulatory approval, BASF anticipates Tirexor- based product formulations to be introduced in Australia only from 2020 onwards. Further regulatory submissions of the registration dossier for both herbicides are planned in key markets globally. 

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