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CABB goes digital on rail cars

As part of a digitalisation process, the CABB Group is currently fitting GPS devices to all of the 200 rail tank cars and tank containers it hires to transport monochloroacetic acid (MCA). This should be complete by June, the company said.

These devices use web-based logistics software to transmit data on the location of transports, send alerts in the event of delays or incidents, and allow detailed analyses of the vehicles’ downtime and repair time. CABB is also implementing logistics software for fleet management group-wide. This links data on current material transports to customer management data and allows strategic planning of maintenance work and statutory inspections.

The project is described as “one in a series of initiatives for greater flexibility, efficiency and safety when dealing with MCA”, a hazardous and corrosive chemical that has to be kept at a temperature above 60°C.  CABB has also worked with vehicle designer Feldbinder to develop tank cars made from titanium for the transport of molten MCA.

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