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Cabot plans European battery centre

Cabot has announced plans for a new technology centre in Münster, Germany, which will focus on technical collaboration with customers on its battery material product lines for electric vehicles (EVs). This is due to begin operations by April 2023, with a planned expansion to be completed in 2024.

The centre will support developments for Cabot’s full range of conductive carbon additive (CCA) products. These include conductive carbons, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), carbon nanostructures (CNS), and blends and dispersions, plus other lithium-ion battery materials like fumed alumina and aerogel.

“The new laboratory, with its close proximity to several of the foremost battery research institutions, local universities, and other technology companies in Europe, offers a premier site to build a collaboration ecosystem and attract talented scientists and engineers,” said CTO Patricia Hubbard.

This came shortly after Cabot revealed plans to invest about $75-90 million to add 15,000 tonnes/year of CCA capacity at its site in Pampa, Texas. This is part of planned investment program in CCAs of about  $200 million in the US over the next five years that will use the grants, loans and tax incentives on offer from the federal government. The project is expected to create around 75 jobs and to commence operation at the end of 2025.

In addition to a manufacturing plant, Cabot operates an R&D facility and pilot plant at Pampa that focuses on developing new process technology for battery and other applications. Further investments are planned in CNT powders and dispersions. Cabot already has CCA capacity in Europe. Demand for CCAs is expected to grow at 20-30%/year over the next five years as EV manufacturing booms.

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