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Carbogen Amcis plans two projects

Swiss-based CDMO Carbogen Amcis has announced two major expansion projects over the next four years at a cost of over €90 million. This follows six years of constant growth for the company, a subsidiary of the Dishman Group, and aims to address current market demand.

At Hunzenschwil in Switzerland, Carbogen Amcis will build a new API facility in several stages between 2021 and 2024, when it will begin operations. This will comprise 12 new vessels from 630 to 4,000 litres, plus associated filtration and drying capabilities. It will also add chromatography equipment, new reactors and new laboratories to improve some of the existing technologies.

Separately, the firm will build a new facility dedicated to custom development and manufacturing of parenteral drug products on a newly acquired site 7 kilometres from its facility at Riom, France. This will allow handling complex formulations, including many different types of APIs from biologics to highly potent compounds of all types from clinical batches to Phase III and small-scale commercial volumes.  

Key features will include two automated lines - one for liquid filling and another also incorporating lyophilisation - plus development and analytical laboratories to support customer projects. Operations will commence during Q1 2023.

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