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Chemours divides business segment

Chemours has divided its former Fluoroproducts segment into two new reportable segments under newly appointed presidents. The aim was to facilitate “an enhanced customer-centred approach, management focus and decision-making, strengthened resource allocation, and increased transparency and accountability”, the company said.

Thermal & Specialised Solutions, under Alisha Bellezza, comprises the former Fluorochemicals reporting unit and is centred on high performance products like the Opteon portfolio. Advanced Performance Materials, led by Denise Dignam, is the former Fluoropolymers reporting unit. It comprises activities in established materials like Teflon PTFE polymers, elastomers, perfluoropolyether lubricants and greases and others, going into multiple end-use markets.

In parallel, Edwin Sparks, hitherto president of the former Fluoroproducts, will become president of the Titanium Technologies business, as Bryan Snell is retiring after 42 years with the business under different guises. All of these changes take effect on 1 March.

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