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Clariant to distribute Tamisolve NxG in agrochemicals

Clariant has signed an agreement to distribute Tamisolve NxG for Eastman Chemical under its own Genagen NBP trade name, using its formulation expertise alongside Eastman’s in active ingredients. Terms were not disclosed. Tamisolve NxG is a low-toxicity, dipolar aprotic solvent that was designed for the agrochemicals industry and is widely used in plant growth regulators, biological control agents, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, thanks to being both water-miscible and having high solvency power. It is also claimed to have “excellent toxicity labelling for agrochemical formulations”.

Clariant described the collaboration as “a testament to both companies’ commitment to the industry” and to the goals crop protection companies must achieve, of finding innovative, efficient, environmentally friendlier products to meet both increasingly rigid regulations and help boost yields. This is also part of a long series of investments in agrochemicals by Clariant in recent years, most notably that made in 2017 in an ‘R&D greenhouse’ for real-world crop protection testing and product development.

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