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CordenPharma into oligos

CordenPharma is entering synthetic oligonucleotide manufacturing via an investment at its CordenPharma Colorado site. This will draw on its solid-phase peptide manufacturing experience and downstream processing capabilities to offer a fully integrated drug substance and drug product offer.

The new assets will be fully integrated with CordenPharma Caponago for lipid nanoparticle formulation and sterile filling capability, and with other CordenPharma sites for standard and custom lipid synthesis. The investment, to be made out of organic capex investment, will proceed in two phases that will be initiated at the same time:

* Reconditioning of existing laboratory space, purchase of development equipment and hiring of a team to set up process and analytical development capabilities, with a target completion in Q4

* Redesign of existing manufacturing space to create a fully GMP-compliant manufacturing area housing synthesis, cleavage, downstream processing and lyophilisation at 10-100 mmol scale

Future expansions are being planned to increase capacity and scale capability, the company added. These services are being strategically designed to supply customers with validation and commercial supply to address the largest gaps in the oligo market.

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