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water treatment

DIC, DuPont partner on water treatment

Japan’s DIC Corporation and its Sun Chemical subsidiary have agreed a strategic partnership with DuPont for degassing modules for water treatment. The aim is to double sales of these modules in industrial water treatment from the 2019 fiscal year to 2021. D

IC noted that its customers already often use its degassing modules in combination with DuPont water purification and separation products and technologies, such as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and ion exchange resins. This will further expand its service offer, the company said.

DIC has now granted DuPont exclusive sales rights for its Separel series of large modules for industrial water treatment applications in Asia, the US and Europe under DuPont’s Ligasep brand. It will continue to manufacture Separel membranes for degassing in other markets, including jet inks, as well as functional products for hollow-fibre membrane modules.

Earlier, DIC and Sun Chemical acquired digital inks producer Sensient Imaging Technologies and other assets related to the production of inks from Sensient, which mainly makes colours, flavours and other speciality ingredients. The inkjet sector is said to be strategic to them. Terms for the deal were not disclosed.

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