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Dow to work with CAS

Dow has agreed a strategic collaboration with CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society. This will leverage a CAS Custom Services system based on specialised technologies, data science, and the CAS Content Collection “to empower efficiencies in Dow’s research processes that improves efficiency and productivity”, the company said.

The CAS Content Collection covers journal and patent publications over the last 150 years in over 50 languages, including references, chemical substances, proteins, reactions, physical and chemical properties, formulations and bioactivity data. Dow and CAS are long-time collaborators, notably in the CAS Ionic Affinity Program.

In the first phase of a planned multi-phased approach, CAS has developed a search and retrieval platform with customised scientific information filtering that accelerates the identification of new materials. This is said to replace a highly labour-intensive, manual process, thus making selections from a database of hundreds of millions of potential options that previously took weeks feasible within hours.

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