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Eastman, Sphera work on LCA software

Eastman has joined forces with Sphera, a long-time supplier, on the next generation of Sphera’s life cycle assessment (LCA) automation software. This was launched earlier in 2022 and seeks to enable businesses “to quickly receive holistic, real-time analysis and insights into the environmental footprint of their product portfolios and integrates seamlessly with their existing systems” and thus reduce their greenhouse gas emissions at every step of production.

Eastman said that the next phase of LCA automation will meet the complex needs of the chemical industry. Measuring carbon footprints is particularly complex here because producers must also account for their raw materials, each product’s manufacturing process is unique and complex, and it is necessary to collect data from all systems involved in order to get a complete environmental footprint.

“Having a customer with a shared commitment to sustainability and deep industry expertise provide valuable insight at this early stage will help ensure that LCA automation for the chemical industry has the necessary functionality for reliable LCA calculations,” said Mike Zamis, Sphera’s chief product officer. The company is also inviting others to join it.

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