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Evonik to divest Lülsdorf site

Evonik has announced that it intends to divest its site in Lülsdorf, south of Cologne in Germany, and will draw up more detailed plans by spring 2022. The company would prefer an outright transfer to a single owner but will consider selling it in parts.

Christian Kullmann, chairman of the executive board, said: “With our focus on high-margin speciality chemicals, further development of the site doesn’t make sense for us”. Some potential investors have already expressed interest.

Lülsdorf employs almost 600 people and has sales of about €280 million/year. It mainly produces alkoxides, potassium derivatives and cyanuric chlorides within the Functional Solutions business line. Alkoxide production by amalgam electrolysis is already in the process of being phased out, as this will no longer be permitted from the end of 2027.

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