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Health Care

Evonik realigns Health Care

In order to “maximise customer centricity and market focus” and continue an ongoing transition into “a system solutions partner for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries”, Evonik has divided its Health Care business into three distinct units.

Drug Substance encompasses the company’s CDMO services for active APIs, including HPAPIs, and intermediates plus generics. It is headed by Dr Stefan Randl, an industry veteran of 15 years who has been leading projects in mRNA and gene therapies since 2020.

Drug Delivery & Products, under Paul Spencer, focuses on oral and parenteral drug delivery systems, including excipients, lipids, and lipid nanoparticles, with complementary CDMO services. Finally, Health Solutions, led by Maximillian Yeh, brings together the biopharma, medical device and advanced food ingredients businesses.

“This strategic transformation of our business line will unleash innovation and new service potential – for the benefit of our customers and patients,” said Dr Thomas Riermeier, head of the Health Care business. Health Care is expected to play a key role in increasing the Nutrition & Care division division’s share of system solutions from 20% to over 50% by 2030.

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