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Flamma to invest worldwide

CDMO Flamma Group is to invest about $200 million over the next three years across its network of sites in Italy, the US and China, as it “continues to respond to market demands that require future growth and opportunity”. This includes:

* Revamping the site at Bulciago, Italy, that was acquired in 2022

* Completing the new GMP facility at the Flamma Honkai site in Dalian, China, where small molecule API and NCE capacity will ultimately quadruple to 800 m3 to meet growing domestic demand

* Building out an API clean room and other improvements to the HPAPI capabilities at Flamma USA

* Additional improvements to two other Italian facilities at Chignolo and Isso, with upgrades to the existing analytical services and installing new equipment, including reactors, filter dryers

* Growing existing flow chemistry capabilities at Flamma Italy

* Adding new technologies across all of the sites

* Adding solar panels to source renewable energies

“In consideration of the current geo-political environment, Flamma is proactively securing customers’ supply chains by having the ability to transfer projects from China to Italy, specifically its Bulciago site,” the company said. “Flamma offers the market a unique value proposition where one can still work in China but also have the security of working simultaneously in Italy. Alternatively, work can be done in China but can be internally transferred to Italy if unforeseen events transpire, giving customers the piece of mind that cannot be afforded by other CDMOs.”

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