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Hovione to market Dispersome platform

Portuguese CDMO Hovione, whose key technical specialities include spray drying and particle engineering, has concluded a strategic partnership under which it will market and commercialise Zerion’s solubility enhancement technology platform, Dispersome. Zerion was spun out from the University of Copenhagen in 2019, following a decade of research.

Dispersome uses natural protein-based excipients to formulate APIs into amorphous solid dispersions by spray drying. This is done by mixing high loads of the drug compound with beta-lactoglobulin, a sustainable and biodegradable by-product of cheese manufacturing.

By combining Dispersome with its own spray drying capabilities, and its experience in development, scale-up and GMP manufacturing, Hovione said that it is furthering its commitment to addressing low drug solubility, one of the perennial challenges in pharmaceutical manufacture. This follows recent announcements that it will invest about $170 million in assets and technology over the coming years, with spray drying to the fore.

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