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Dead Sea

ICL-IP to increase bromine capacity

ICL’s Industrial Products division (ICL-IP) is to increase its capacity for elemental bromine and bromine compounds after concluding several strategic agreements with customers in Asia. These expansions are projected to cost $50 million and generate $110 million/year in extra revenues, beginning in 2012.

“Our capacity expansion is designed to allow us to meet existing contract requirements as well as to enter into new, long-term strategic contracts for the sale of our products with other customers, further strengthening our global market position,” commented ICL-IP president Anat Tal T

he Israeli company, which is the world’s largest producer of bromine and bromine-based products, will increase capacity of TBBA, a bromine compound used primarily in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, at its plant near the Dead Sea by up to 25,000 tonnes/year. It will also increase capacity for FR1025, a polymeric flame retardant used in the automotive industry by 50% and enlarge its isotank fleet by around 10%.

Recent times, the company said, have seen a decrease in bromine production in China that has created a tight supply-demand balance of TBBA, hydrobromic acid (HBR) and elemental bromine, due both to the depletion of Chinese bromine resources and to increased environmental regulatory pressure. This has led many Chinese customers to seek a new long-term supplier. 

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