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Kurita establishes R&D base

Kurita has established a new R&D base called the Kurita Innovation Hub (KIH) at Akishima city in Tokyo. Covering about 38,400 m2 and employing 400, this comprises two buildings: the Technology Innovation Centre and the Technical Education Centre.

The functions of the existing R&D facility, the Kurita Global Technology Centre, have been transferred to the KIH. It has advanced laboratory and analytical equipment for water and the environment; an ultra-pure water production system; and verification equipment, such as clean rooms. There are also training facilities related to water treatment.

“KIH is a hub for creating innovations that solves social and industrial challenges by connecting with customers, research institutions and other stakeholders over the world to integrate diverse knowledge,” the company said. The site has also been designed for reduced environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

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