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Navin Molecular

Navin Fluorine launches CDMO brand

India’s Navin Fluorine International has officially launched its CDMO division under the name Navin Molecular. The company has been providing chemistry services since 2010 and is launching the band “to showcase the broad platform that Navin Molecular can offer” in terms of geographical diversity and expertise in a range of complex chemistries.

“Whilst direct fluorination and other hazardous chemistries remain core competencies, we’ve been working hard to integrate the full range of our expertise into the portfolio. The creation of the Navin Molecular brand is really the culmination of this work,” said Rajendra Kumar Sahu, CEO of Navin Molecular.

Based in Dewas, Navin Molecular has 350 employees, and is supported by a global commercial and technical team. It specialises in the synthesis, development and manufacture of speciality intermediates and fine chemicals.

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