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Navin Molecular expands

Navin Molecular, an Indian-based CDMO that is part of Navin Fluorine, has announced plans to build $35 million, 9,000 m2 multi-purpose GMP plant at Dewas. This is due to be completed in Q2 225. The facility will add 200 m3 of capacity, taking the total at Dewas to 420. It will support existing commercial-scale projects, as well as meeting future demands, the company said.

Features will include stainless steel, glass-lined, Hastelloy and Inconel reactors, a high level of automated control, including a distributed control system, an expanded 21 CFR-compliant QC laboratory and a dedicated zero liquid discharge effluent treatment plan. It will be able to undertake such hazardous processes as direct fluorination, cyanation, azide chemistry, cryogenic reactions and high-pressure hydrogenation.

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