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New BASF alkylethanolamines plant

BASF is building a new world-scale plant for alkylethanolamines at the verbund site in Antwerp, Belgium, one of four sites where it already producest them. This will increase the firm’s global capacity by nearly 30% to 140,000 tonnes/year. Start-up is planned for 2024

Alkylethanolamines, including dimethylethanolamines and methyldiethanolamines, are seeing strong demand growth in industries, BASF noted. These include uses flocculants for water treatment, binders between pigments and resins in coatings, fabric softeners, gas treatment, and additives for metalworking fluids and polyurethanes.

BASF is the world’s most diverse of amines, with about 300 different types in its portfolio. In addition to alkyl-, alkanol- and alkoxyalkylamines, it offers heterocyclic, aromatic and speciality amines, plus high optical and chemical purity chiral amines for many different applications.

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