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Purolite expands resin capacity

Ecolab subsidiary Purolite has held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the tripling of agarose resin capacity at its 10,855 m2 site at Llantrisant, near Cardiff, UK. The resins are made from red seaweed in beads varying between 35 and 200 microns in size, using a “jetted” manufacturing process that is said to significantly reduces the steps and time required to produce resin, while reducing the overall carbon footprint.

The expansion includes increased office space, training areas and conference room facilities and a ‘customer experience centre’, showcasing its offer. By the end of the year, the company expects to have increased local employee numbers by over 55%.

Purolite said that the new centre is running in parallel to expansions at its facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, which is also gearing up for agarose resin production. Further expansions are in progress at manufacturing plants in China and Romania. The resins are used in biopharmaceutical production, water purification and other applications.

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