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Seqens opens Boston R&D centre

French CDMO Seqens has opened its $5 million ‘Seqens Boston R&D Center’ in Devens, Massachusetts, in place of an older one. Covering 14,00 m2, this will be the North American flagship for its ten-strong global network of R&D centres, helping to take projects through all the stages of development to commercialisation.

The new investment, Seqens said, “expands project flow, enhances quality and accelerates development of APIs and excipients, including lipids used for the manufacture of RNA vaccines for COVID”. All the employees from the older lab have moved across and the company plans to double the number of scientists there by 2026. Seqens already had a CDMO operation in the Boston region at Newburyport.

The company which was majority-acquired by SK Capital a year ago and subsequently united with Wavelength Pharmaceuticals, is also investing across its network in such flow chemistry and biocatalysis to speed development of custom polymers, lipids and HPAPIs. It is also building a paracetamol plant in France to address shortages in Europe.

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