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SK Pharmteco to expand Irish campus

SK Pharmteco has announced a two-phase, $35 million investment to boost both capacity and capabilities at its SK Biotek subsidiary’s manufacturing plant at Swords, Dublin. This is due online in 2024, the campus’s 60th anniversary as a small molecule API manufacture, and will lead to a 50% total increase in capacity.

The first phase will include a new manufacturing building on the site of a decommissioned production building. This will increase reactor volume capacity by 26.5 m3. In the second, filtration and drying equipment, associated utilities and the capability for additional manufacturing lines and technologies will be added.

This is the second major expansion project in recent years. In 2020, Swords saw the completion a more than $30 million, 14m3 reactor capacity expansion, which included additional isolation and drying equipment, solids handling equipment and associated utilities to meet growing demand.

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