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Solvay launches new growth platform

Solvay has launched a fourth growth platform, complementing existing ones in battery materials, green hydrogen and thermoplastic composites. This will focus on developing sustainable products for multiple markets using renewable feedstocks and biotechnology.

The company is already a major player in some biobased products, including guar and biosourced solvents. Through the new platform, it aims to accelerate the integration of sustainable renewable feedstocks into its products and facilitate the development of new approaches to manage the end of these products’ lives, including biodegradability by design.

In a related move, Solvay has announced an investment in Suanfarma’s Cipan manufacturing site in Lisbon in order to develop its biotechnological capabilities and support the development of natural ingredients. These will include the firm’s flagship natural vanillin, Rhovanil Natural CW.

This transaction is due to be completed by mid-2023. It is described the first step of a long-term strategic alliance with Suanfarma that will enable Solvay to grow its capabilities for natural ingredients for use in the food, flavours and fragrances industries.

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