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Takasago invests in aroma chemicals

Japan’s Takasago International has signed an agreement with Harima Chemicals Group to acquire an unspecified number of shares in its Lawter subsidiary in Belgium. The company said that this will strengthen its procurement, specifically of raw materials for aroma chemicals including L-menthol which it manufactures via its core technology of green chemistry.

Lawter’s primary raw material is crude sulfate turpentine (CST) from paper mills. This fluctuates less in terms of availability and price than gum turpentine, another major raw material from pine trees, which, Takasago said, has become unstable due to falling demand for its co-product, gum rosin. CST also has better traceability.

“By tightening this partnership, Takasago aims to improve and stabilise procurement conditions for the key raw material, which will support not only aroma ingredients business but also flavours, fragrances and fine chemicals,” the company said. “In the mid- to long-term, Takasago will also leverage the foundation for further development of businesses.”

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