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Toray opens Singapore centre

Japan’s Toray Industries has announced that it opened a research centre in Singapore in June. The centre is carrying out R&D into ‘electronic information materials’ and providing technical support in Southeast Asia. The company as a whole is seeking to build a global R&D structure spanning Japan, Korea and China.

The key focuses of the new centre include display, semiconductor-related, and electronic circuit materials. It will work with Toray in Japan to serve the regional market “by developing products and technologies that cater to the specific needs of local customers while providing technical support to serve customers better”.

This continues Toray’s collaboration since 2016 with the international consortia of the Singapore government’s Institute of Microelectronics (IME) on areas including power semiconductor devices, wireless communications, memory devices, micro-electro-mechanical systems and other advanced semiconductor packaging. The new centre will also engage with local universities on R&D.

Simultaneously, Toray and the IME have commenced joint research to develop practical applications for high heat-dissipating adhesive sheets for silicon carbide power semiconductors for applications including automotive, smart grids and data centres. These are said to offer “significant energy efficiency and carbon neutrality benefits”, particularly in automotive applications, because of their superior heat resistance to conventional silicone.

The work will combine Toray’s material and fabrication technologies with IME’s design, prototyping and evaluation technologies. They will seek to “improve the simplicity and reliability of processes to apply high-heat-dissipating adhesive sheets and enhance semiconductor quality, dependability and safety”, Toray said.

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