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UK REACH deadline extended

The UK government has extended the deadline for chemicals companies to register their products with the new ‘UK REACH’ system from up to two years to up to six, depending on tonnage and hazard. The new system will come into force on 1 January, following the Brexit transition period.

The decision not to seek to align with EU REACH and seek associate membership of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) meant that companies must re-register their chemicals. It was widely agreed that two years was far too short a time to complete the process, since many do not have access to the data generated for EU REACH compliance.

Nishma Patel, policy director at the Chemical Industries Association, said that the CIA “believe the proposed timeline will support businesses in better managing the future registration process in the UK and minimise disruption to supply chains”.

The association had not wanted a separate registration scheme and the replication of registrations in the UK. “While we welcome the announcement, there needs to be a deal between the UK and EU on a future relationship that will include close cooperation and an agreement on chemical data,” Patel said.

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