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VCI calls for digital support

The German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) has issued a three-point wish-list for how the public policy framework can help to shape the forthcoming digital transformation of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, so that they can better position themselves to be part of the process. It called for action to:

* Make Germany fit for the digital future, including planned the expansion of technical infrastructure and digital education, making skills in data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) part of school curricula, expanding the telecoms infrastructure nationwide by 2025, and establishing a high-performance security between public authorities, companies and research facilities

* Strengthen digital development through better framework conditions, for instance by tackling urgent infrastructure investments, supporting the digitalisation of industry, further liberalising trade and ensuring that regulation is "efficient and legally sound"

* Ensure responsible regulation of new technologies like AI, with a level playing field across national borders

In the new era of ‘Chemistry 4.0’, the association said, “companies will fundamentally change their products, processes and business models. Here, linking chemical and pharmaceutical products with services will be the key for additional value creation”. The industry already plans to invest over €1 billion in digitalisation projects in the coming years.

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