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Axplora, Flamma invest in flow chemistry

CDMOs Axplora and Flamma have both made announcements about investments in flow chemistry, with the former completing the installation of a new cGMP pilot unit at Leverkusen, Germany, and the latter investing about $2 million in flow, starting with the installation of a new suite of equipment from Microinnova at Chignolo D’Isola, Italy.

Axplora said that its new unit (pictured) has highly flexible equipment that allows it to operate at a broad range of temperatures (-50°C to 200°C) and pressure up to 40 bar. The reactor configurations are adapted to the specific requirements of the process so as to “optimise the control and productivity of highly demanding reactions”, the firm said.

This continues investment in differentiating and specialised technologies by Axplora’s predecessor companies. In 2013, Novasep established a dedicated research platform at Chasse-sur-Rhône, France, to develop methodologies for efficient process development under continuous flow conditions. Hazardous chemistry is the core competence of the Leverkusen site, which was part of PharmaZell.

Flamma’s new production system equipment will be introduced later this year as part of previously announced plans to invest about $200 million at its sites over the next three years. It was designed and built to be partially modular, allowing for the exchange of reactor modules in order to increase flexibility.

“Flamma has been quietly growing our continuous flow capabilities over the past several years”, said Massimo Verzini, head of global R&D. “This new technology will provide the ability to work at a higher pressure more easily than a batch process as well as take advantage of a green process with recycling.”

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