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AGC completes large-scale line

AGC’s subsidiary AGC Wakasa Chemicals has held a formal ceremony for the completion of a large-scale, multi-purpose production line at its Kaminaka plant in Japan. Scheduled to begin operations in Q1 204, the new line will add 50% to AGC Wasaka’s capacity for CDMO services for the agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals sector.

The company said that this line, “together with the existing small and medium-scale facilities will be able to meet demand for a wide range of production volume and chemical synthesis”. The plant had also strengthened its development function in 2022, to enhance collaboration between process development and manufacturing.

Under its medium-term management plan, AGC plus-2023, the AGC Group has positioned its life science business including pharmaceutical and agrochemical CDMO services, as one of its strategic businesses. There will be further expansions as demand for both grows, the company added. The business is largely based on strengths in halogen chemistry, including fluorine and iodine.

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