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agrochemical intermediates

Agro advances for Indian firms

Two Indian speciality chemicals companies have made important announcements in the field of agrochemical intermediates. Aarti Industries has signed a long-term supply contract, while Jubilant Ingrevia has opened a new facility.

Aarti’s new contract is with an unnamed major agrochemicals supplier and could be worth about €330,000 over nine years. It pertains to a niche intermediate for a herbicide that is used with corn, soybean, cotton, sugarcane, sunflowers and other crops. No capacity expansion is needed as the intermediate is already in the company’s portfolio.

Jubilant Ingrevia’s new multi-purpose agrochemical intermediates plant in Bharuch, Gujarat, is said to be “strategically designed to produce value-added derivatives” from captive raw materials. The company said that it “represents a significant step forward in expanding its footprint within the agrochemicals sector”.

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