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Bachem in oligonucleotide deal

Bachem has entered a strategic collaboration under which it will provide the infrastructure and expertise to implement Eli Lilly & Company’s novel manufacturing technology for oligonucleotide APIs. It will also supply R&D and production at its site in Bubendorf, Switzerland, to make GMP-grade material using this technology.

Meanwhile, Lilly has committed to placing manufacturing projects with Bachem over the next seven years with increasing material supply demands following successful implementation of the technology. The potential order volume could be around CHF 100 million/year, depending on Bachem reaching certain milestones and volumes ordered by Lilly.

Bachem has recently implemented large-scale oligonucleotide API capacity, customised with means to improve process control and crude API purity. It has designed a cleavage and deprotection step that is said to enhance production safety and efficiency, and has transferred its expertise in peptide purification by chromatography to oligonucleotides.

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