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Bear Island

Cascades picks Kemira

Packaging giant Cascades has chosen Kemira as the primary chemical supplier for the Bear Island mill in Virginia, which it is converting to produce lightweight 100% recycled linerboard and medium grades. This is due to be completed by the end of 2022 and to have 465,00 tonnes/year of capacity when in full operation.

Kemira will supply the majority of the process and functional chemicals to the site, as well as chemistry application expertise. After start-up, it will continue to operate the chemical applications, as well as implementing digital services to support continuous improvement and maximise machine performance.

Shortly beforehand, Kemira had completed the expansion of its ferric-based water treatment chemicals facility in Goole, UK, adding over 100,000 tonnes/year of capacity. This follows the expansion of aluminium-based water treatment chemicals in Ellesmere Port by 30,000 tonnes/year in January 2020. Overall, Kemira produces over 350,000 tonnes of water treatment chemicals at four UK sites.

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