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CEFIC presents white paper for innovation

CEFIC has published a white paper presenting “a roadmap to unleash the full potential of innovation in the chemical industry”. The association said that  harnessing this potential will require making the innovation framework smarter, using high-quality science, technological innovation and collaborative policies that prioritise openness and pragmatic outcomes while embracing innovative approaches”.

The white paper lists six pre-conditions that must be in place to fully reap the benefits of a smart innovation policy framework:

1. A general recognition of the crucial role of chemicals to meeting the EU Green Deal objectives

2. Cost-competitive access to renewable and low-carbon electricity

3. Stimulated market demand for more sustainable products, such as enforcing recycled content targets and an EU Single Market for waste and end-of-life resources

4. Recognition of the environmental benefits of chemicals, including under the EU Emissions Trading System, acknowledging the use of all decarbonised alternatives to fossil feedstocks

5. Application of technology neutrality, with policy frameworks prioritising targets while allowing the freedom to apply all necessary technologies to reach them

6. Access to skilled labour

“By addressing the prerequisites outlined in CEFIC’s White Paper, the EU can ensure that innovation continues to be the driving force behind Europe’s double twin transition, securing not just environmental sustainability but also economic resilience and competitiveness on the global stage,” CEFIC stated.

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