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First buys for Verdant

Houston-based Verdant Specialty Solutions has announced its first acquisitions since being sold by Solvay to OpenGate Capital in April and renamed, in the form of DeForest Enterprises and ParaFlow Energy Solutions from Chemical Services Group of Boca Raton, Florida. Terms were not disclosed.

DeForest is a specialty surfactants company with a range of chemistries including low-foam wetting agents, alkaline-, acid- chlorine- and peroxide-stable surfactants, high- and low-foam amphoteric surfactants, hydrotropes, water-soluble corrosion inhibitors and phosphate esters.

ParaFlow, meanwhile, supplies products applicable for paraffin mitigation in upstream crude oil production and technologies for use in demulsifier applications to assist in solids and iron drop-out, plus the separation and recovery of hydrocarbons from refinery slop oil and crude oil storage tank bottoms.

Verdant said that these additions will complement its offer in amphoterics. The two firms have over 100 customers in markets including industrial and institutional cleaning, metalworking and metal finishing, oilfield, pigments and inks, construction and auto care. Their president, Jeff Edwards, will join Verdant as project director to oversee their integration.

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