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Flow chemistry first for Seqens

Seqens will produce the first volumes of an aromatic diamine monomer by means of flow chemistry in its dedicated workshop at SeqensLab in Porcheville, France (pictured), by the end of 2021. This follows a successful first pilot trial in 2020.

The company is now evaluating flow chemistry in two more monomers: a second aromatic amine and an aromatic dianhydride. All these monomers are used as building blocks for polyimides for use in 3D packaging in microelectronics, aerospace and organic electronics. These are all complex molecules, traditionally made via photolithography by a small number of mainly Asian players. These processes are said to be “very sensitive processes from an HSE point of view”.

Seqens claims to be one of the world’s leading contract manufacturers for low metal photoresist polymers for photolithography processes in the manufacture of semiconductors for memory chips and microprocessors. It sees strong potential for techniques like flow chemistry in this market, particularly given how many automotive OEMs have been impacted by the unreliable supply of semiconductors.

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