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‘Go and vote’, says CEFIC president-elect Kadri

Dr Ilham Kadri, CEO of Syensqo, has succeeded BASF’s Dr. Martin Brudermueller as president of CEFIC. In accepting the position, she described this as “a pivotal moment for Europe and Europeans, industry at large and the European chemical industry itself. “I therefore very much look forward to supporting the next generation of European politicians and the new European Commission leadership. If I can relate one message already right now – go vote in June! It is crucial,” Kadri added.

In the coming months, there will be a series of Antwerp Dialogues, further exploring the key requests in the Antwerp Declaration setting out Europe’s climate neutrality and circularity goals. CEFIC is one of over 1,100 organisations spanning 25 sectors to have supported it.

“Our ambition is to see Europe putting industry competitiveness at the heart of Europe’s decision making,” Kadri said. “The industry leaders want to see Europe become the global hub for innovation, and also a place where technologies can be scaled up effectively, on-time with less bureaucracy, a single market with an industrial policy attracting investments to invest on European soil, and where there is a solid market demand, including the public one, for sustainable products.”

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