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Lanxess, IBUTec to develop iron oxides

Lanxess and its German compatriot IBU-Tec Advanced Materials have entered into a research cooperation to develop advanced iron oxides for use in cathode material for lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries. They aim to optimise the electrochemical properties of LFP batteries, such as energy density, charging speed and the number of charging cycles.

Weimar-based IBU-Tec is currently the only European manufacturer of LFP cathode material, while Lanxess operates the world’s largest plant for iron oxide, the key raw material for LFP batteries, at Krefeld-Uerdingen. It can supply iron oxide particles in the required size, purity, morphology and quantities.

Lanxess added that demand for LFP in Europe is expected to grow by 20%/year to 2030, because it is up to 50% cheaper than alternative battery materials and offers intrinsic safety advantages. To date, however, demand for it has been met almost exclusively by non-European suppliers.

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