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Lonza completes HPAPI expansion

Lonza has completed the expansion of a multi-purpose. kilogram-scale HPAPI manufacturing suite at its main site in Visp, Switzerland. This adds development and manufacturing capacity for ADC payloads, “supporting the entire development and manufacturing pipeline from feasibility studies to commercial supply”.

The new suite enables Lonza to handle compounds with occupational exposure levels down to 1 ng/m3, with a variety of containment systems and a flexible set-up. The equipment includes reactor sizes from 1 to 50 L with a temperature range of -80°C to +150°C, isolation and drying equipment, lyophilisation and chromatography equipment for the manufacture of payload-linkers.

“The new expansion represents a key new asset for payload-linker manufacturing, enabling the production of these highly-potent compounds at scale with high flexibility for the execution of different types of operations,” commented Giovanna Libralon, senior director of commercial development for small molecules. “The extended capacity will allow us to respond to a growing global need for these therapies, especially in the oncology field.”

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