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Active Oxygens

New strategy for Evonik Active Oxygens

Evonik’s Active Oxygens business line has released a new sustainability strategy for its hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), peracetic acid and persulfates. This includes steps to slash carbon emissions and increase resource efficiency in production, with the goal of achieving climate neutrality across the business line by 2040.

These products are powerful oxidants, which break down quickly into oxygen and water and as such are considered to be some of the cleanest chemicals available. However, upstream conventional production has a substantial carbon footprint. Demand for H2O2 is growing at 7-8%/year.

Evonik’s plans increasing the proportion of renewable electricity in producing these chemicals from 80% in 2021 to 90% in 2023 and having a fully climate-neutral facility by 2032. New means will also be implemented for heat pumps and efficient energy reuse over the next ten years.

Active Oxygens is also pursuing plans to switch fossil-based raw materials in its production processes to bio-based acetic acid and green hydrogen among other things. It is currently exploring options to source sustainable hydrogen locally at each of its sites, with the first scheduled to use it in 2026.

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