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Nitrogen-fixing microbial deal

Mosaic and BioConsortia, which are both based in California, have entered into and agreement to develop and launch the latter’s nitrogen-fixing microbial products for all crops, including corn, wheat, rice, fruit and vegetables, in China, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

This follows a collaboration to develop these products for the Americas at the end of 2020 and successful field trials in the US and Canada. Fertiliser producer Mosaic already has sales channels in place in the region.

Nitrogen-fixing microbials can greatly decrease the need for synthetic nitrogen fertilisers on non-legume crops by naturally fixing atmospheric nitrogen, converting it to ammonia and making it available to the crops during the growing season. About 5% of global CO2 emissions are attributed to nitrogen fertiliser production and they also have harmful environmental effects.

BioConsortia’s nitrogen-fixing microbes are also applied as seed treatments and in-furrow for row crops, and as drench and through drip irrigation for fruit and vegetables. They are said to be robust and easy-to-use, with a two-year shelf-life.

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