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Novozymes trials probiotic cleaner

Industrial enzymes giant Novozymes, several cleaning companies, start-up firm Aks2tal and the Danish municipality of Gladsaxe have formed a local partnership to test the former’s probiotic cleaning product, Microvia Pro. This is taking place in office and canteen areas at multiple locations in Gladsaxe over six weeks from 3 May onwards.

Microvia Pro is based on five harmless Bacillus species with different capabilities that can “support existing cleaning solutions by degrading microscopic dirt and creating beneficial shifts in the indoor microbiome”, Novozymes said. The project aims to identify changes in the microbiome using DNA sequencing before and after cleaning in order to evaluate probiotics as alternatives to traditional surface cleaners.

Novozymes added that it views Microvia Pro as a solution to the post-COVID challenge of the increased need for deep cleaning. More frequent cleaning and application of more chemical products, it noted, can harm the environment and impact the indoor microbiome, while excessively clean indoor environments can weaken the body’s immune system and increase the incidence of asthma and allergies.

Earlier, Univar Solutions and Novozymes had agreed to extend into the US and Canada their 15-year partnership in Europe to market industrial enzymes and microorganisms for the homecare, industrial cleaning and beverage markets. Novozymes will work with Univar’s ‘flagship solution centre’ in Houston, Texas, which is home to a global centre of excellence the homecare and industrial cleaning industry.

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