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Two more facilities in China for Kemira

Kemira has announced two further investments at Yanzhou, China. A new sodium hypochlorite production unit is now being built, while the pre-engineering phase is now being finalised to increase polyaluminium chloride (PAC) production. These should be operational in January and March 2022 respectively.

Sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant in water treatment processes in the pulp and paper industry, in process industry and in municipal water treatment. It is also used in certain paper industry deposit control technologies, securing paper and board machine runnability. PAC, meanwhile, is used as a coagulant in raw water and wastewater treatment, and as a fixative in paper and board manufacture.


Both products are made using industrial side streams and recycled by-products as key raw materials. PAC production uses hydrochloric acid, an organic by-product of Kemira’s own AKD wax production at Yanzhou, while the caustic soda for sodium hypochlorite comes from the side stream of a customer’s manufacturing process.

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