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Kemira in double paper investment

Kemira has opened a new dry polymer polyacrylamide (DPAM) plant in Ulsan, South Korea, and has also begun the pre-engineering phase for a third alkenyl succinic anhydride (ASA) sizing agents line at Nanjing in China. Both investments are targeted at the growing paper and board packaging market in the Asia-Pacific region.

DPAM is mostly used in retention and drainage applications for rapid paper and board production. The new facility is a joint venture with Yongsan Chemicals and, Kemira said, its manufacturing capabilities “are supported by full backward integration to key raw materials, ensuring cost-effective production”.

ASA sizing agents are used to improve water resistance in paper and board, including packaging. Kemira is the largest producer of sizing agents in the region market and Nanjing is the world’s largest ASA production site. The planned expansion will take about two years to complete, the company added.

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