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SCTI, TfS team up on textile sustainability

Singapore-based Sustainable Chemistry for the Textile Industry (SCTI), an alliance of six major producers of leather and textile chemicals promoting sustainable chemistry in the industry, has joined forces with the chemical industry’s Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative. They said that they will “collaborate in driving convergence in standards and methodologies and inspire industry action for a better future”.

As part of this, the two associations intend to use TfS’s new Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions programme. This seeks to foster defossilisation of chemical value chains and provide standardisation tools to enable effective Scope 3 management based on primary data.

On 1 June TfS launched its Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Guideline, which ATC has recommended as the most appropriate PCF calculation methodology for the global fuels and lubricants additives industry, being both compliant with ISO 14067 and providing an appropriate specificity and level of detail. TfS now has 47 members, with the latest companies to join being Indorama Ventures, Johnson Matthey, Nouryon and Tricon Energy.

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