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Eastman, Sphera work on LCA software

Eastman has joined forces with Sphera, a long-time supplier, on the next generation of Sphera’s life cycle assessment (LCA) automation software. This was launched earlier in 2022 and seeks to enable businesses “to quickly receive holistic, real-time analysis and insights into the environmental footprint of their product portfolios and integrates seamlessly with their existing systems” and thus reduce their greenhouse gas emissions at every step of production.

Feature article - Biologics outsourcing to surge in 2023 as China’s innovation engine stalls

Vicky Xia and Joel Ranck of BioPlan share some first insights from the CPHI Annual Report

Having already benefitted from a COVID-based boom in the last two years, outsourcing of biologics globally is set to continue growing significantly in 2023. No production cliff is expected, even as COVID-related contracts reduce in scale, but the rapid growth of China’s biologics sector will slow.

Bachem automates SPPS

Bachem, the world market leader in peptides, has automated and digitalised one of its core business processes, solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). The company describes this as the start of its journey to Industry 4.0. The process is described in detail on the company website (

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