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ACC highlights chemistry in sustainability

At its Responsible Care & Sustainability Conference on 7 May, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) released a new report, entitled ‘Sustainability Starts with Chemistry’, in order, it said “to highlight the crucial role the chemical industry plays in advancing sustainability progress around the globe”.

Create special committee, ACC asks Biden

Chris Jahn, president and CEO of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), has written a letter to President Joe Biden requesting him to create an inter-agency policy committee (IPC) led by the director of the White House National Economic Council, to coordinate an economic impact analysis of regulations on the chemical industry and the broader economy.

ACC criticises ‘regulatory overreach’

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has launched an initiative called ‘Chemistry Creates, America Competes’. This comes in direct response to what it regards as the Biden administration’s ‘regulatory overreach’ and aims to help the administration and Congress understand the importance of ‘American Chemistry’.

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