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Feature article - Linking KPIs to ERP in speciality chemicals

Sergey Nozhenko, a solution expert in SAP’s chemicals industry business unit, explains how value management can help speciality chemicals businesses assess and continually improve upon the ROI of their core IT outlays

Show me the money. It seems a simple enough request – or, perhaps better, demand - but it is one that has been asked imperfectly over the decades of enterprise resource processing (ERP) system implementations in the speciality chemicals business.

Feature article - To gain a step on the competition, focus on product carbon footprint

Marko Lange, product manager for SAP, looks at the need to measure the carbon footprint of your entire supply chain

Amid a global push for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and more responsible resource stewardship, newcomers like German data analytics start-up Carbon Minds, along with some of the biggest names in the chemicals business, are mobilising to meet that challenge.

Feature article - Digital intelligence: The chemical industry’s best counter to rising risk & uncertainty?

David Dunn, global industry marketing lead for chemicals, at SAP, highlights the need for chemical companies to look at Industry 4.0 practices

Before 2020 spiralled into viral uncertainty, chemical manufacturers had the luxury of embracing digitalisation and Industry 4.0 practices on their own terms. No longer. The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the sense of urgency among chemical manufacturers to infuse their operations and their supply chains with Industry 4.0 capabilities.

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