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BASF, RWE in renewable energy deal

BASF has agreed a deal to source green electricity for hydrogen production at the Ludwigshafen verbund site from a 2 gigawatt offshore wind farm that German energy giant RWE already has at the planning stage. This will also enable BSAF to electrify the production of multiple basic chemicals and 2.8 million tonnes/year of CO2 emissions at the site.

Feature article - Advances in clean hydrogen multiply

We sum up the latest developments in one of the industry's hottest fields

There have been multiple recent announcements across the world about investments in cleaner forms of hydrogen. These mainly refer to ‘green hydrogen’ produced by electrolysis, though also ‘blue hydrogen’, which is made from natural gas in a reforming process, in which CO2 emissions are captured for storage.

Evonik in green hydrogen alliance

Evonik is among the seven companies with operations in Germany that have launched the GET H2 alliance, which says that it “aims to create the basis of a European infrastructure for green hydrogen” by 2024. The others are BP, Nowega, OGE, RWE, Salzgitter Flachstahl and Thyssengas.

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