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Thailand for second Afyren plant

French greentech firm Afyren has signed a deal with Thailand’s Mitr Phol, the world’s third largest sugar producer, under which they will form a 70-30 joint venture to build a biorefinery at the latter’s site near Bangkok. This is Afyren’s first project outside France and follows on from a recent IPO.

Afyren Neoxy opens up

Afyren Neoxy has opened its first large-scale biorefinery at Carling Saint-Avold in north-eastern France on time and within budget. Construction began in December 2020 and commissioning took place in June.

The plant uses fermentation technology based on natural microorganisms, followed by extraction and purification steps to make seven 100% biobased organic acids from sugar beet. This is sourced in the immediate region, where it is a common crop.

Afyren commissions biochemical facility

Greentech firm Afyren has announced the industrial commissioning of its Afyren Neoxy plant on schedule and within budget. The plant at Carling Saint-Avold in eastern France began construction in 2H 2020. It is the first industrial-scale factory for the production of biobased carboxylic acids from sugar beet co-products.

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