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Valsynthese in Grignards collaboration

Swiss fine chemical manufacturer Valsynthese has entered into a manufacturing services agreement, under which it will host Grignard reagents production units based on the proprietary MgFlow Technology of Belgium’s Chemium and offer integrated services based on it. Chemium will commercialise ready-to-use Grignards through its Swiss subsidiary.

Feature article - HSE in the chemical industry: Simple, comprehensive & perfectly integrated

Chris van den Belt, product management team leader at IFS Ultimo, shows how health, safety and environmental management can be integrated into an EAM system

The management of tasks related to health protection, occupational safety and environmental management (HSE) is extremely important but also enormously complex. In the oil, gas, petrochemical and general chemical industries, many substances are stored and processed that can be explosive, flammable, toxic, harmful to the environment or otherwise hazardous.

Evonik targets €1 billion+ in circular economy sales

Evonik has revealed that it aims to generate at least €1 billion/year in additional sales a year from circular products and technologies, both in its own processes and support its customers in the transition to circular applications. The company’s strategy in this arena is based on multiple initiatives in which it claims that it is already contributing to the circular economy, notably:

* Further strengthening its activities in additives and specialities for the circular economy

* Making greater use of raw materials based on recycled materials, biomass and CO2

Biobased 5-HMF advance

IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN) and ResiCare, a Michelin Group operation, have co-developed a process for producing the platform molecule 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) from plant-based fructose using homogeneous catalysis. This follows ten years of laboratory research and joint industrial-scale work since the end of 2021.

Inpex invests in green formic acid firm

Japanese petrochemicals firm Inpex has made an unspecified investment in OCOchem, a US-based start-up that has developed technology to produce green formic acid and potassium formate from CO2 and water “cleanly and at low cost”, using electrochemical methods powered by renewable energy.

Inpex added that it will support OCOchem’s business development with the aim of linking its technologies to its own activities. The company is promoting CO2 reduction in upstream projects, while development of hydrogen projects and carbon recycling.

Feature article - Chemical packaging: The importance of safe containers

Ben Beattie of Forbeats discusses the challenges that using chemical containers poses to companies and explore the best approaches to ensuring safety

Many industries often need to re-pack chemicals into smaller amounts. This means moving them from a large container to several smaller ones. When this happens, it is crucial that every smaller container is as safe as the large one. T

Chemanol buys Addar stake

Saudi firm Chemanol has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire an 84% stake in Addar Chemicals for $12.3 million in cash. This is contingent on meeting predefined performance indicators and achieving a targeted return on investment. The transaction is due to be completed on 31 March 2024.

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