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RheoCube opens up in US

Dutch start-up RheoCube has opened up its first US office in the Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston to accelerate the commercial expansion there. Further new locations are planned, which will be announced later.

The company, which was built by scientific modellers, experimentalists and other experts within Electric Ant Lab, markets a cloud-based experimental research platform. This is claimed to offer R&D scientists “a digital and fully integrated research solution to test hypotheses, reduce costly trial-and-error and accelerate their research”.

Actylis emerges from former Aceto

A new player has emerged in the manufacture and sourcing of raw materials and ingredients for the life sciences and speciality chemicals markets, in the form of Actylis.

Speaking at a press conference to launch the new brand identity, CEO Gilles Cottier described Actylis as “an entirely new and transformed company designed for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century”. It has “a uniquely flexible portfolio of GMP and non-GMP materials”, he added, and can provide “a unique hybrid of manufacturing and sourcing to best meet your needs”.

Feature article - Chemical risk management for the digital age

Elizabeth Dionasari of EcoOnline Global looks at how chemical risk management can be addressed with new technology

According to the International Labour Organisation’s statistical data on workplace accidents and diseases, health issues are the single biggest cause of work-related deaths globally.

Solvay to invest in rare earth magnets

Solvay is to expand its rare earths operations in La Rochelle, France, to enter the value chain for permanent magnets based on alloys of rare earths. These are mostly imported into Europe at present and many rare earths are in short supply. The company itself claims to be the technology leader in their separation, recycling, purification, finishing and formulation.

Feature article: Trends in agricultural adjuvants

Swamini Kulkarni of Allied Market Research looks at the different types of agricultural adjuvants available and the increased popularity of silicones

Over the years, the agricultural sector has witnessed numerous technological innovations to improve the overall performance of agrochemicals and increase agricultural yield. The major contributor to this is agricultural adjuvants, a type of additive that is added to agrochemicals or other crop production products to improve their performance.

Lonza completes HPAPI expansion

Lonza has completed the expansion of a multi-purpose. kilogram-scale HPAPI manufacturing suite at its main site in Visp, Switzerland. This adds development and manufacturing capacity for ADC payloads, “supporting the entire development and manufacturing pipeline from feasibility studies to commercial supply”.

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